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Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, Fenwick’s highly advanced fully synthetic chain lubes are specifically formulated for British and European riding conditions, be they muddy, dusty, dirty or salty.

Fenwick’s standard chain lubes all offer the following performance-enhancing features:

A quiet, smooth drivetrain

Superior corrosion protection

Extended maintenance periods

Decreased component wear

Complete compatability with Fenwick’s degreasers for rapid cleaning


FENWICK’S STEALTH LUBES – Performance Engineering

Since their introduction in 2012, following several years of research, Fenwick’s Stealth chain lubes have become real game changers in the areas of all-weather high-stress endurance riding and racing.

Both Stealth lubes include the following features:

Super-smooth lubrication through deep penetration of chain and linkage components

Heightened lubricity to reduce component fatigue, heat generation and chain stretch

Specific cushioning additives for an extremely quiet ride, mile after mile

Unique air-curing formula, forming a resilient bonded film on all internal & external surfaces

Enhanced corrosion protection

Complete compatability with Fenwick’s degreasers for rapid cleaning


Stealth Mountain Bike Chain Lube




The weather could be horrendous, the trails absolutely filthy, but Fenwick’s Stealth Mountain Bike just shrugs it all off. Phenomenally resilient, it provides silky-smooth lubrication with sound-deadening cushioning additives and corrosion inhibitors for an incredibly quiet, gunk-free ride.

Stealth Mountain Bike Chain Lube is also optimised for rapid removal with Fenwick’s degreasers.